Step 5: Wrap Up Your Semester and Track Outcomes


As the Supervising Instructor you control 33% of your preceptors grade for PTYS 297A. Grading for your portion of the course is completely under your control. We do encourage you to discuss your grading criteria with your preceptors so that they know what to expect. Workshop instructors do the same within each section of the workshop.

Wrap up

We know the end of the semester is hectic but we do recommend concluding the semester with a final meeting of your teaching team. This is a great time to debrief, share final insights, or do organized evaluations. It is also a great way to utilize any monies gained from a Faculty-Student Interaction Grant.

Track Outcomes

This is a fantastic way to see measurable outcomes from the use of preceptors and a teaching team. This is also a great way to apply for additional grant funding!

For more information about the Teaching Teams Program and how it can accommodate your specific course, please contact us directly.