Welcome to the Teaching Teams Program!

The Teaching Teams Program provides dynamic resources for learning and instruction at the University of Arizona. Teaching Teams is a university-wide program with a home base in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL). Historically, Teaching Teams has served a variety of faculty and students at the University of Arizona because the Teaching Teams approach to learning, curriculum building, and instruction is easy to use, and is successful across disciplines. It is the oldest and largest program of its kind on campus. 

The goals of Teaching Teams are to:

  1. Increase student-faculty interaction to develop a community of learners. 
  2. Increase the effectiveness of undergraduate peer-instruction. 
  3. Increase budget-friendly instructional resources.

The main elements of the Teaching Teams Programs are:

Contact: The Teaching Teams program is led by Dr. Steve Kortenkamp(kortenka@arizona.edu) and Hannah Edwards (hjohnson20@arizona.edu) in the Lunar and Planetary Lab. All contact information can be found on our contacts page.

Want to take PTYS 297A (Formerly LASC 297A): Professional Development for 3 units of credit toward your GPA? Sign up through UAccess, or contact Dr. Steve Kortenkamp at kortenka@arizona.edu or Mrs. Hannah Edwards at hjohnson20@arizona.edu