Returning Preceptors

For students who return to be preceptors, Teaching Teams offers a follow-up course to LAS297A so that those preceptors can continue to earn credits while becoming more engaged in their home course. In this follow-up course, LASC397A, students will continue to serve preceptor duties for a chosen home course. However, instead of attending a workshop alongside their duties, they must develop an independent-study project relating to their home course. At the end of the semester, preceptors are expected to present their project to the Teaching Teams. 

View our LASC397A: Advanced Preceptorship (Fall 2017) syllabus (DOCX) for details.

LASC397A is worth 1-3 credits and is available to anyone who has completed LASC297A. 

The sign-up process is identical to LASC297A: get your professor's permission, register in-person at Kuiper Space Sciences room 351, fill out a contract with your professor, and you're good to go!