Welcome University of Arizona Faculty!

Since its inception, Teaching Teams Programs has provided faculty with strategies to improve course content delivery and student success in the classroom for both experienced and novice instructors.

Faculty spend years building their knowledge of a discipline, but are rarely taught teaching strategies along the way. The traditional lecture format works for most instructors and students, but research shows that developing a dynamic learning environment that speaks to the many ways students learn, optimizes classroom time and student performance. In addition, it provides an opportunity for higher level learning to occur.

The results are:

  • The delivery of content that is transformed from an abstract concept into authentic, relevant information for students.
  • Better student performance.
  • Development of a community of learners.
  • Classes that are engaging and enjoyable to teach.
  • The opportunity to cultivate teaching strategies best suited to the instructor's needs.
  • The opportunity to network with other faculty who can share strategies and experience.
  • Increased in-class research opportunities that can be connected to research and grant writing.

To arrange a consultation please contact Teaching Teams program supervisor Dr. Steve Kortenkamp directly at kortenka@lpl.arizona.edu.

If you are wanting to incorporate preceptors into your classroom, but are in search of ideas on how to utilize preceptors, check out our Utilizing Preceptors link.