Step 2: Recruiting Preceptors

Preceptors can either be concurrently enrolled in your course, or have participated in past courses.

Instructors can have both types of preceptor on the same teaching team.

Concurrently enrolled students

There are two main options to recruit concurrently enrolled students: 

  1. Make an in-class presentation yourself. 
  2. Schedule a 5 minute presentation to be given by the Teaching Teams Program.

Former students

Contacting (via e-mail or in person) previous students about a preceptor opportunity will often generate a significant response. You can then conduct a formal application process, or bring them in for an informal discussion. Former students make fantastic 'lead preceptors' because of their knowledge about your personal teaching style, class experience, and pre-established rapport.

Screening Process

Our participating faculty take different approaches to “hiring” preceptors. Some take all-comers that indicate significant interest and motivation. This is a particularly good idea if you are creating organized study groups and need many study group leaders. Other faculty screen for specific skills based on their goals for their Teaching Team. TTP recommends assembling a strong team with a mixture of talents, backgrounds and abilities.

Workshop Enrollment

To earn credit for being a preceptor students obtain permission to enroll in LASC 297A (move on to Step 3 above).