Students: How to Become a Preceptor

What do I need to do to become a preceptor?

1) Get permission from your professor to become a preceptor.

  • Many instructors are unfamiliar with using preceptors, so students can direct them to this site, and also offer ideas about how using preceptors can compliment their course.

2) Apply to take our 9 to 10-week Academic & Leadership Skills Workshop (LASC 297A) in the Teaching Teams Programs office, located in Kuiper Space Sciences, Room 351.

  • Registration has to be done in person, so please stop by!
  • Workshops are an hour and 50 minutes, once a week, for nine to ten weeks (depending on class size). If you're worried about fitting it into your schedule, there are ~7 different workshops offered throughout the week, one of which will hopefully match your schedule. If there are still scheduling conflicts, we can find a way to work things out. 

3) Fill out a contract with your professor. So that both you and your professor are clear on your duties and expectations as a preceptor, we will give you a contract to fill out with your professor. 

4) Once you receive an enollment confirmation email from our director, that is it! You are now a preceptor!

How is the LASC 297A workshop graded?

The workshop letter grade is determined in the following way:

  • 33% of your final grade is based on the completion of agreed-upon preceptor duties in your supervising instructor's course
  • 67% of your final grade is based on the your participation in the Academic & Leadership Skills Workshop

What is the attendance policy for the Workshop?

Preceptors enrolled in LASC 297A are required to attend all 9 workshops, unless they provide a Dean's Excuse to the instructor. Students must provide all documentation for the absence within 24 hours of the absence date.

The typical duration of most courses in the fall/spring is 16 weeks. Because the Workshop is shortened to just 9 weeks, and is a participation/discussion based course, any absences will significantly affect your grade. When you enroll you will recieve a copy of the syllabus with the grading policy regarding absences.

In addition, students are required to attend the Preceptor Symposium during week 9. It is the final for the preceptor training course. Students who do not attend will receive a failing grade of 'E'.